11/01 PWYC 

I always love PWYC previews because it’s the first time we’re performing in front of an audience. It’s great to hear what their reactions are throughout the show. Allthough we are all tired, I think the PWYC really revived me and hyped me up for opening night! 

After our vocal warm up, Angie said something that I hadn’t thought about before. She said that this show might be a lot of children’s first introduction to musical theatre. It’s a big responsibility to have to make a good first impression, but it’s one that I’m excited to be a part of. 

11/02- 11/05 Opening Weekend

Opening weekend was so good! It’s a fulfilling feeling to have people see the work you’ve put so much time into! But I think these weeks without a break are starting to catch up with me. I feel myself and some of the cast starting to get worn out. Instead of really enjoying each performance, I feel like I’m just trying to chug through it which I hate admitting. I want to savor every moment of working on my first college musical, but it’s so hard when I feel so tired! However,  I have hope that having a few days off will give us the rest and energy we need for weekend two! 

11/09-11/12 Second Weekend  

Those few days off were exactly what I needed to open the second weekend. I feel so much better having rested and I’m so incredibly excited to continue with the show!

It’s so much fun hearing little kids in the audience reacting to what’s going on in the show. It reminds me of what Angie said before our PWYC performance about this being the first musical a lot of these children are seeing. It makes me feel so happy that they are enjoying it! It makes all the hard work worth it to hear those children having fun. I know that’s so cheesy, but it’s true! 

11/13 Sensory Friendly Rehearsal 

The sensory friendly rehearsal was so helpful in getting us ready for that performance. I learned that we as actors aren’t changing anything about the way we perform the show. Most of the change applies to tech and what is considered traditional theatre etiiqute. The house lights will remain on at a lower level, the Amanda Thripp throw part will change the strobe lights to a less hard lighting, the volume will be turned down for each music number, and the whistle will not be as loud. Brandon and Mary talked about how important sensory friendly performances are, not only to those with who may have sensory difficulties, but to the families of those people as well. A lot of the time, it’s hard for the whole family to enjoy a show together when one of the children has sensory difficulties because it may be overwhelming.  Children aren’t the only people with sensory difficulties, adults can have them as well. Sensory friendly performances make theatre more accessible to everyone and I’m so proud to be a part of the first one at UMW Theatre! 

11/16-11/19 Closing Weekend 

If you thought that the closing weekend would be easy, you would be wrong! There was not one, but two injuries that caused the block transitions to be changed completely. First was Sarah’s injury and then Nikki became sick and missed Friday and both Saturday performances. It was difficult adjusting at first, but we pulled it off!  I really did miss Nikki because she’s the one I interact with most during “Miracle” and I considered Alice to be Tommy’s sister. But I was able to adapt well and I’m really proud of the whole cast for jumping this hurdle. I’m so glad Nikki was able to close the show with us on Sunday. 

The last performance is always so emotional and this show was no exception. What a joy Matilda the Musical has brought me! I’m sad it’s ending but thankful for the experience it gave me!